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A site specific show about theatre magnate Ambrose Small. Three versions over two years.

Produced by Single Thread Theatre Company

Kingston, 2015

Performed around The Grand Theatre

December 3rd, 1919, Canadian Theatre Magnate Ambrose Small goes missing. The mystery of his disappearance is never solved. This begins the premise of Ambrose, a sprawling, site-specific immersive theatre adventure. The audience is taken to every nook and cranny in and outside of the Kingston Grand, a former property of Small’s, and given a show by a troupe of 22 dancers, actors and musicians. Set anywhere from 1919 to today and beyond, the show was high concept and mysterious, but ultimately accessible. We adapted the individualized adventure concept popularized by Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More.

CONCEPT & STORY   Alex Dault and Liam Karry
DIRECTION   Liam Karry, D Bartolini & D, Buonastella
LIGHTING   Julian Bulof

FEATURING: Aimee Bouchard, Mataya Buckley, Erica Hill, Krista Gansterer, Kala Seraphin, Scott Carey, Lindsay Rodgers, Amy Cadman, Tracey Guptill, Helana Marks, Graham Banville, David Parker, Christian Milanovic, Meredith Dault, Dale Tracey, Adam Saifer, Talia Acker, Donald Mitchell, Hugh Box, Danae O'Neill

Press Photos by Quang Bui, all others by Claire Hill

Toronto, 2015

Performed at the Celebrate Ontario Pavilion, Harborfront

The Toronto companion piece to the much larger and longer Ambrose (Kingston Grand) was created as a moving site specific piece at the Celebrate Ontario Pavillion during the Parapan Am games.  Stripped of the confines of an actual theatre, this show used the concept of the disappearance of Ambrose Small to take the audience on a 25 minute journey around the Celebrate Ontario site to ultimately accuse a character of Ambrose’s murder

BASED ON THE CONCEPT BY   Alex Dault and Liam Karry
DIRECTOR Leah Holder
CREATED BY & FEATURING: Leah Holder, Jeff Dingle, Caroline Toal & Darwin Lyons

Photos by C. Hill

Kingston, 2016

Performed around The Grand Theatre

CONCEPT & STORY  Alex Dault and Liam Karry
DIRECTOR   Liam Karry
COSTUMES   Claire Hill
LOCATIONS & SET   Claire Hill and Cameron Mac
STAGE MANAGER   Felicia Myronyk
Reimagining Ambrose as a legend now, we looked at different iterations of his ghost and how he might have been seen by other people, from the past, present, and future. Due to time constraints, I was only available to design costumes and the holding lounge, with many of the ideas from the previous version recycled and repurposed for new scenes, but in similar ways. I created five posters for the 'holding' room that explained the concept of the show to the audience.

FEATURING:  Talia Acker, Graham Banville, Mataya Buckley, Scott Carey, Megan Carty, Carling Counter, Michael Christopher Duguay, Martin Dawagne, Krista Gansterer, Karl HardyHelana Marks, , Christian Milanovic, Adam Saifer, Kala Seraphin, Alexander Tikhnenko

Photos by Michael C. Duguay