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Produced at the Toronto Festival of Clowns, 2017 (TOURING ONGOING)

A show about the pitfalls and triumphs of being a nerd-girl in the present day. Creator and performer Chloe Payne battles internet trolls, boogers, and society's expectations for how girls integrate into nerd culture. She needed three costumes: her "average nerd-girl" outfit (a star trek t-shirt), a badly made cos-play of comic book heroine Witchblade, and her vigilante heroine, Dark Nerd Girl. The set needed to work as a shadow puppetry booth, and became a giant version of a girl's notebook, complete with nerdy doodles, memes and fun references to the genre tropes. It folds up nicely and can be taken on the road, with minimal set up time.
Performed at the Factory Theatre Mainstage, Toronto ON.

DIRECTOR:  Harmonie Tower
PRODUCER:  Petra O'Toole
PUPPETS:   Andrew Young
LIGHTING:   Melissa Joakim
SOUND: Adrian Shepherd Gawinski
DRAMATURGY: Liam Karry & Tom McGee

FESTIVAL OF CLOWNS PHOTOGRAPHY:   Fee Gunn,  www.feegunn.com

Set Details

Workshop Version

This early version of the show was developed for festival settings in 2016, prior to the addition of shadow puppetry. The primary design difference was in the set design, which was a folding comic book featuring important comic book moments, heroines, and more, which we ultimately abandoned in favor of something more versatile and that covered more stage.
Performed at SpringWorks 2016, London Fringe Festival & Kingston Storefront Festival

Inspiration & Process

With nearly a year and a half developing and and then readapting the piece, FNG saw many iterations and many influences. Here is a sample of the ideas I used and took great influence from. The following images are examples of sexism in geek culture, and how women and women-identified folk have fought back against it.