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Produced by Young People's Theatre

Selfie is about social media, teens, and the nature of sexual consent. Important to the script, and design, was the ability to see the way the kids interacted with their phones and social media, so it became necessary to bring that world up onto the stage itself. We came up with a surrounding screen that curves and breaks with the offstage entrances, coming up and wrapping around the audience bleachers. The social media and texting was then projected with three projectors across the whole room. The screens effectively fill the whole line of sight, making them impossible to block out. The costumes were made to reflect the current fashions and trends, and to keep the characters youthful and fun.

Performed at Studio Theatre, YPT, 2018

PLAYWRIGHT:   Christine Quintana
DIRECTOR:   Stephen Colella
LIGHTING:   Oz Weaver
SOUND:   Deanna H. Choi
PROJECTIONS:   Daniel Oulton

FEATURING:  Christopher Allen, Rachel Mutombo, Caroline Toal

PHOTOGRAPHY:   Ali Sultani  

Costume Renderings

Costume Inspiration

Scenic Inspiration