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Produced by Randolph college

Wounds to the Face is a series of vignettes about vanity, the fragility of the human condition, and what we hide from ourselves and others. Like most Barker plays, it lacks narrative cohesion, so I set forward to visually tie the world together with costumes that could traverse the time and space of Barker's world. I came across an early 20th century art style, Vorticism, that provided a way to use converging lines across costume and spaces to create patterns and looks for the characters. Those further back in time had more painted elements to costume, whereas contemporary or close to contemporary characters had less accents. Director Matjash Mrozewski choreographed the action around the tight interstitial scenes and together we stripped the Annex theatre down to a black stage and all black props and set pieces, illuminated by the architectural lighting of Antoine Du Toit.

Performed at the Annex Theatre, Fringe 2018

PLAYWRIGHT:   Howard Barker
DIRECTOR:   Matjash Mrozewski
LIGHTING:   Andre Du Toit
SOUND:   Nicole De Angelis

FEATURING:  Term 5 Actors of Randolph College


Production Inspiration

The overall look was inspired by the works of the Vorticism, specifically Wyndham Lewis, and a more obscure Russian visual artist and costume designer, Alexandra Ekster

Finished Costumes

selected Costume collages

Graphic Design

This production required an in-show poster of a fictional Dictator. I based this one off of a poster of Stalin, dressed the actress up, and used a little bit of photoshop to make her a bit more masculine, but still recognizable. Ironically, the Dictator was played by a young woman named Hope.